Now you can get all the benefits of a personal coach, no matter what your schedule or where you live. Coach Robin Barnes, creator of Fayetteville Fit Groups, now offers one on one consultations both in person, or via your phone or computer.


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One on One with Robin

Set up your first consultation so that Robin can assist you to find your perfect program and target on your individual needs.

  • What is it that you desire to improve?
  • What is your target weight loss goal and date?
  • What activities do you enjoy? Robin knows firsthand that you will NOT succeed at a fitness routine that you do not enjoy. She’ll assist you in finding a workout program that is sure to become your “Soul-mate workout” whether it’s at home, in the gym or outside.
  • Identify some current obstacles or challenges that she may assist you in overcoming.
  • Together learn how to set achievable and specific goals and a time line in which to succeed.
  • Identify if you are an emotional eater and if you are in fact eating enough and/or the right foods for your lifestyle.
  • Discover support systems and tools that you may not know you have available for you – and for FREE!!
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