Fayetteville Fit Group’s most popular program is returning. And this time it is even better!

Fayetteville Fit Groups and All American City Gym are teaming up to bring you the next


Biggest Loser


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Classes begin on 2 January with our first of the year Boot Camp followed by our weekday and evening classes so the sooner you sign up, the more valuable your package!! (At a discount)
Measurements and before pics will be taken on the 9th of January at which time you will be assisted by your coach to set your short and long term goals and start developing a plan unique to you.


Value Over $600

Yours for only $125

With Early Bird Registration until January 3rd

Do you have questions before you register? You will be contacted directly by a Fayetteville Fit Groups Coach to answer any questions and provide you with registration information.



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Fayetteville Fit Groups is thrilled to be teaming up with All American City Gym to bring you the best Biggest Loser ever! This session will include all the Boot Camps, all the Seminars, plus a 3 month Gym Membership to All American City, special fitness classes, and a professional photo shoot for your “after” photos.

Your Biggest Loser Registration Will Include

-You will receive your own COACH and community support team!


-You will receive a pass to 12 Boot Camps which are targeted to increase fat loss as well as to increase muscle tone, shape and strength. These alone will increase stamina, endurance, flexibility, energy and self confidence but act NOW and get the following extra value:

Value $120.00

-You will receive a 3 month pass to all LIVE Premiere training to include a variety of Dance fitness,  Mind-Body Flex, HIIT workouts, strength training, core, flexibility and kick box/dance routines – all to fun music in a group environment for more motivation.

Value $150.00

-You will receive a pass to all Fitness and Nutrition Seminars and Workshops

Value at $299.00

-You will receive an All American City Gym T-shirt to represent your American pride!!

Value $25.00

-You will receive professional pictures taken at the reveal

Value: $40.00

Value Over $600

Yours for only $125

With Early Bird Registration until January 3rd

Payment Plans and Reduced Packages Are Available.

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Register Today

AAC Facilitators

Do any of these relate to you?
1. Your scale is STUCK
2. You have lost and gained that 10 pounds over and over again, or possibly gained back even more each time you lose.
3. You have low energy and fatigue…
4. You find yourself emotional (mood swings) and/or depressed often
5. Your skin is beginning to wrinkle (rapidly)
6. You suffer from skin break-outs
7. Your monthly cycle is INSANE
8. You have low libido
9. Problems sleeping and/or staying asleep
10. You just feel “burnt out”

wake 1

Introduction to exercise

You’ll fully understand how exercise is vitally important to your overall health and fitness at any age!

exercise 1You’ll understand how exercise determines HOW you gain or lose weight and your body composition generally. (You can lose weight, but do you want to have sexy sleek muscles at completion vs. flabby excess hanging skin?) Exercise burns calories, which makes it easier to lose weight in conjunction with diet.

exercise 2We’ll teach you how and what exercises to perform (at each level) to promote strength, endurance, and resistance to injury and illness, relieves stress, increase flexibility and so much more….

Our programs include functional fitness, mainly in three forms:  cardiovascular (aka cardio, aerobic, etc.) and weight lifting (aka weights, lifting, resistance training, etc.) and flexibility (yoga, Pilates, stretching, etc)

Our “level up” program will take the intermediate and return challengers to the “next level”. Weight loss might have been accomplished and you now wish to gain endurance and/or muscle mass.  We’ve developed a program that will challenge you to “next level” or BEAST!

exercise 3Our programs include a variety of all of the above – some using only your body as equipment and others using TRX system, medicine balls, Lebert bars, Stability balls, PiYo and/or step boxes, kettle bells, dumbbells and barbells and more…

We’ll employ tabata, high impact interval training, Pilates/Yoga moves and more – all in which will have a modification that will allow you to perform in your “safe zone” but continue to challenge you so that you improve.

Introduction to Nutrition (DIET is a 4 letter word with us)

Nutrition is probably the most important single factor in your health, body composition, energy and overall appearance.

Regardless of your metabolism, body composition or genetics, your body must obey the laws of physics and biological imperatives.

eat cleanThis program is designed to improve your health by providing the staples needed for your  healthy eating patterns. Answering questions of what to eat, when to eat and even WHY to eat to lose weight, maintain or to gain muscle.

 We’ll instill in you the importance of “clean eating” and we’ll assist you in tracking your progress and adjusting your needs on an individual level.

Many of our challengers have been surprised in finding out how much they COULD eat and that deprivation was not on our plan. It’s everything in moderation with the most important factor being that you eat enough to fuel your body and “plan” your treat meals so that you can fully enjoy them without quilt.

We’ll touch upon emotionally eating and learn how to break a sugar addiction. You’ll learn more about your macronutrients (Carbs, Proteins, and Fats and the importance of fiber, water and other vital vitamins, nutrients and supplements you’re your body both needs and crave) You’ll learn healthier cooking methods and how to order while eating out. You’ll learn several ways to ensure you know you are eating the correct amount of food – for some it may be easier to count calories, for others to measure foods, etc… We have an amazing “color coded container system” that has worked tremendously for many of our past participants)

food 1food 2

Ok, so it may be stating the obvious, but whether you’re hoping to lose weight, maintain your health as you age, feel better,

Burn fat and build muscle and/or have greater energy and vitality …… eating healthy is KEY!

We’ll be providing healthy recipes and shopping list to assist you with a healthy nutritional plan that includes minimally processed, whole foods that will not only fuel your body for your workouts, but allow you to burn fat while you sleep!


From our first week, we will take on Public Enemy #1! SUGAR We will identify sources (many hidden) behind extra pounds, pain, health struggles, brain fog, mood mania and countless other preventable symptoms and diseases.

In the past this has been one of our challengers main concerns.

More and more people are becoming addicted to sugar, and understandably so. We’ve been tricked by the food industry and marketing advertisements , but it’s time to become empowered and take our lives back.

Some sugar detox plans urge you to avoid all sweets. That includes all fruit, dairy, and refined grains. The drastic idea of a total purge/detox are many times too drastic to keep up. Changes that you can do only for the short term mean you’ll fall back to your old habits.

We’ll help you identify triggers as well as discover if you are a sugar burner or a fat burner (you WANT to be a fat burner) and provide you a plan to gradually allow your body to reset naturally and “Come clean” once and for all.

Imagine a life with your days full of energy and vitality without the sugar highs and lows, rushes and crashes without the need for coffee or that mid day candy bar to keep you going.


Final AACG FFG 2016 BL Flyer